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This is a seminar presentation on Prospect Theory as a mandate-2 contribution by Rachit Jain(IMT2015034) and Pranav Aggarwal(IMT2015517).

Gaurav Koley's master's thesis on computational model for social capital, based on two factors: engagement and belief revision

Although regular graphs have a long history, some of their properties such as diameter, symmetry, extensibility and resilience do not seem to have receive...

A talk on Gratia presented at the WSL Research talk meet in December 2018

This is a review of models performing time series analysis on temperature data. 

Report on learning methods from the following course in Coursera



Whole of our experience while working on REACH project.







Automated negotiation is an important class of problem that has wide reaching application in the real world. While a lot of work has been done in Agent-Ag...

A nation-state is a geopolitical entity with the cultural entity of a nation, from which it aims to derive its political legitimacy to rule. A few key fea...