Network Science for Web

Course materials and slides for the course on Network Science for the Web. 


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A talk on Gratia presented at the WSL Research talk meet in December 2018

  • Network Science and its applications
  • Networks versus graphs
  • Network Science for the Web
  • Models of the Web
  • Introductio...

Although regular graphs have a long history, some of their properties such as diameter, symmetry, extensibility and resilience do not seem to have receive...

Presentation for Final Project Review for Project Gratia for the Spring 2018 Semester.


Srinath Srinivasa Srinath Srinivasa

Srinath Srinivasa heads the Web Science lab and is the Dean (R&D) at IIIT Bangalore, India. Srinath holds a Ph.D (magna cum laude) from the Berlin Brandenb...

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